Thursday, 16 February 2017

My teacher: a source of inspiration

I like many dancers but I can't get tired of watching Hannah Mi Anis', or any of her students', dance. Hannah is not only an amazing dancer but a very giving and big-hearted teacher who shares with great passion all her wisdom with her students. She's not only created her own style blending a melting Sacred Earth Belly dance with a more strong Tribal Fusion and other styles like classical Indian dance and Turkish Romanian gipsy folk but also she creates a magical atmosphere during her classes where she guides you trough sacred movements, soul feeding theory and beautifully told stories that empower us as women.
Here you have an example of one of Hannah's enchanting pieces, so please, take a moment to sit and enjoy this video.
Don't forget that the Early bird fee for the Sacred Earth Belly dance retreat with Hannah Mi Anis will end on the 28th of February and if you want to book your place, you can pay a deposit before the 20th of February.  <3

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