Sacred Earth Belly Dance Retreat with Hannah Mi Anis in Spain (16th-21st of July 2019)

                          Dance of The Wild Woman

  Set amongst the mountains in the Sound Healing Dome in Alcalali, we gather for a 5 day retreat in Spain delving into the Wild Woman, the one who lives in her most wildish, raw and real self, rooting her body in earth and her heart in the divine. The one who invites the elemental forces to flow through her body in order to feel, connect and tell her own unique story. 

   We'll be daily immersing ourselves in Hannah Mi Anis’ signature blend of Sacred Earth Belly Dance, interwoven with the structure and strength of many generations of Tribal belly dance, as well as practices of yoga, ritual, music, storytelling, sound healing and the simple and beautiful act of living amongst nature with your pack, your tribe, your satsang.

“The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious... If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.”
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

   This year's retreat is held at the Full moon and under a lunar Eclipse.  Diving deep into the root principles of Sacred Earth Belly dance we meet to journey through many textures ; the elements ( earth, fire, water, air, ether), the lunar cycles, the aspects of yin and yang, embracing their sensory aspects, their interplay and how to consciously channel their flow through the body and into the sphere around us.  We learn how to weave these energies naturally, holistically and intelligently into our own unique voice, to enrich our lives, our own artistic expression, and to nurture and deepen the message we wish to send out through our dance.

   We’ll be looking at the many ever changing roles of the dancer as storyteller; gazing at the possibilities of what we can be and how dance can be a gift. Calling on the jewels embedded in Middle Eastern and Indian artistic traditions we look at what preciousness it is to live a life of dance and music, to grow with these tools at your side through your ever changing life journey as the Wild Woman that you are.

All levels are welcome. Emphasis is upon exploration, creation and moving with full-bodied intention and depth. All movements are presented from the root core each day and different levels of complexity are touched upon as we add intricacy, decoration and speed to add textures, not difficulty. Everyone is invited to take it at their own unique pace that nourishes them to the fullest.

                                                                                DAILY GUIDE 
*Yoga and Yoga Nidra.
A deliciously feminine approach to yoga enhancing our awareness of our inner woman's wisdom and elemental connections. We build vital energy through nourishing and fluid sequences, breath work, resonant sound, and deep healing relaxation. It is suited to all women. Led By Jade Lanceley

*Morning dreaming. Dancing in the flow together, connecting with our fellow dancers, nourishing our yin aspect and opening us up for the day.

*Technique and strengthening class: Energizing our being and encouraging knowledge, awareness and ability in our bodies. We journey though strengthening exercises specifically beneficial for Belly dancers, to the core movements and principles of Sacred Earth Belly dance in the style of Hannah Mi Anis including core Tribal Belly dance foundations.

*Main body of learning
Journeying through the dance of The Wild Woman.
Dancing through The Elements, The Lunar Cycles in sequences, intelligent improvisation, group improvisation, music theory, and choreography.
We'll be building a dance each day to be performed at the end.

All dance will be accompanied by a succession of hypnotic, and soul fuelled rhythms and music designed to lead you into the intoxication of the dance and the movement.

*Divine play, creativity and dancing as a pack. We explore images, archetypes and improvisation, individually and in groups.

*Star dancing and Ritual. Closing the day with any extra theory, stories, circle discussion and night dancing in the flow.

What you bring:
A retreat is done within a beautiful space with a small tribe. It is this that makes it special. We aim to create an environment of profound relaxation for this is the deep seat of where creativity is initiated. Retreats by nature are interactive, much like a sacred circle. Each dancer comes to the retreat with unique and valuable qualities. There will be space for you to spend time alone, with others and bring your skills to the

Hannah Mi Anis is a London based dancer and instructress. Her dance is rooted in the energy, technique and philosophy of Tribal Fusion and Sacred Earth belly dance; a dance with respect for nature and the elements, woman's innate knowledge, the language of archetypes and each individual's spiritual depth. 

For 16 years now she has followed the search for an authentic and wild life through the lens of music, dance and poetry of the body. Her travels took her to Japan, Bali, California and India, to Turkey, Morocco and Southern Europe; dancing on rooftops, brightly lit stages, underground nightclubs, castle walls, and amongst the rich and earthy energy of the great forest. The fabric of her dance is decorated with each experience. 

She has completed extensive theory and physical training in Middle Eastern Belly dance of many styles, Mystical Dance, Classical Indian Dance (Odissi), Middle Eastern Music Comprehension and Yoga. Her foremost teacher and guide is Mishaal of the Devadasi studio (Bali/Tokyo) founder of Sacred Earth Belly dance, and has completed further studies with Colleena Shakti of the Shakti school of dance in Rajhastan. She currently studies American Tribal style under Philippa Moirai, ballet, and Yoga in the school of Sivananda. In Autumn 2016 she became a qualified Well Woman Yoga Therapy practitioner under the guidance of Uma-Dinsmore-Tuli, author of Yoni Shakti.

She is co-founder and co-artistic director of the FireWater Collective, a co-operative of dancers working together, creating women’s' circles, visionary performances and hosting the space for advanced learning. Her dance ethic is centred on the belief that dance is a rite of passage and sacred rite is a holistic and natural part of life.

'The poet's business is exaltation and how to impart it' - Anais Nin


Sacred Earth belly dance originates with Mishaal, international Oriental dance artist as well as founder and creative director of Devadasi studio in Tokyo. Having spent many years traveling the world, visiting and searching for the heart and soul of many cultures in their music and in their dance, she created a deep sensual healing dance form based in the mystical roots of belly dance.
The dance takes the primordial sacred movements found in belly dance in their raw form, acknowledges each dancer's spirit, our innate knowledge, and the beautiful and essential connection between ourselves and Mother Earth. It is founded on strong musical sensibility, the dancer's expression, an acknowledgment of the seasons and cycles of our lives, as well as a deep sense of surrendering yourself to the moment and feeling the deep relaxation and joy that dance can bring your soul and your body.
Hannah Mi Anis was fortunate enough to spend her first three years in Mishaal's original group of students in Tokyo. She performed as a member of Samanyolu, her dance ensemble, and began teaching under her guidance. From 2010-2014 she held a yearly month long residency in the Devadasi studio in Tokyo, and in 2015 Hannah traveled to Bali to be Mishaal's guest teacher on her Sacred Mystical dance retreat amongst the rice fields of Ubud. Mishaal, now living in Bali and holding many retreats per year, remains an important guide for her in dance and life.
On returning to London Hannah Mi Anis, was inspired by and followed the ever growing Tribal belly dance movement. She followed a new pathway learning to weave the two styles together enjoying the juxtaposition of the energy and strength of the many generations of Tribal, with the elemental charge of Sacred Earth belly dance. 
'Let the beauty we love, be what we do'
For more in Mishaal and the Devadasi studio:

The retreat will be hosted at The Dome, a sound healing centre located in Alcalali, just 1 hour and a 10 minutes drive from Alicante airport and 1,5 hour from Valencia airport. 

The Dome in Alcalali is a family run place. The accommodation is shared and not luxurious but the house is cosy and has a beautiful energy to it.
Situated in the heart of a valley, you can enjoy the peace and view of the beautiful mountains while relaxing by the pool or among almond trees.

Michele Averad, co-founder of The Global Sound Healing Association will join us for one hour and guide us through a Sound Journey.

Getting there
We recommend landing in Alicante airport, the shuttle bus from there is 56 Euros return ( If you are a group more than 6, let me know and we will arrange a private shuttle bus for around 46 Euros each person return.

At the Dome there is a finca with 2 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and lounge area. In the garden there are two more wooden cabins with 2 bunk beds and another two connected rooms. All bathrooms are shared and the bedrooms sleep 2 or 4 people. 


During the retreat the cook will buy, prepare and make the food with much thought and love.
The vegetables and fruit are locally sourced from Eco farmers and most ingredients are from “fair trade”.

- Early bird fee until 20th March 2019 is 591 Euros, includes food (3 vegetarian meals), shared accommodation and tuition. It doesn't include flights and airport transfer.
- Regular fee (after the 20th March) is 640 Euros
Payment will be done through Paypal (send an email to for more info)

After the payment, please send an email confirming your place at
Any questions don't hesitate to contact me at 


You can also book your place paying a 200 EUROS deposit. This will be only open until the 20th March. This is non-refundable and the payment of the full amount should be done by the 1st of March.

After making your payment of 200 EUROS, please send an email to 
to confirm your deposit.


Here you have a visual example of the amazing food that will nourish us during the retreat!
The cook will buy the fresh ingredients and make the vegetarian meals with much thought and love.
The vegetables and fruit are locally sourced from local Eco farmers and most ingredients are from “fair trade”


At the Dome there is a finca with 2 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and lounge area. In the garden there are two more wooden cabins with 2 bunk beds and another two connected rooms. All bathrooms are shared and the bedrooms sleep 2 or 4 people. The finca its pool and gardens have plenty of space for you to relax and enjoy the peace and beautiful views.



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